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Welcome to the Gypsies & Etocretans Glossary of Characters Peculiar to phantacea

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Phantacea Publications in Print

- The 'Launch 1980' story cycle - 'The Thrice-Cursed Godly Glories' Fantasy Trilogy - The '1000 Days' Mini-Novels - The phantacea Graphic Novels -

The 'Launch 1980' Story Cycle

The War of the Apocalyptics

Front cover of War Pox, artwork by Ian Bateson, 2009

Published in 2009; main webpage is here; ordering lynx are here;

Nuclear Dragons

Nuclear Dragons front cover, artwork by Ian Bateson, 2013

Published in 2013; main webpage is here; ordering lynx are here;

Helios on the Moon

Front cover for Helios on the Moon, artwork by Ricardo Sandoval, 2014

Published in 2014; main webpage is here; ordering lynx are here;

The 'Launch 1980' story cycle comprises three complete, multi-character mosaic novels, "The War of the Apocalyptics", "Nuclear Dragons" and "Helios on the Moon", as well as parts of two others, "Janna Fangfingers" and "Goddess Gambit". Together they represent creator/writer Jim McPherson's long running, but now concluded, project to novelize the Phantacea comic book series.

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'The Thrice-Cursed Godly Glories' Epic Fantasy

Feeling Theocidal

Front Cover for Feel Theo, artwork by Verne Andru, 2008

Published in 2008; main webpage is here; ordering lynx are here

The 1000 Days of Disbelief

Front cover of The Thousand Days of Disbelief, collage prepared by Jim McPherson, 2010

Published as three mini-novels, 2010/11; main webpage is here; ordering lynx for individual mini-novels are here

Goddess Gambit

Front cover for Goddess Gambit by Verne Andru, 2012

Published in 2012; main webpage is here; ordering lynx are here

Circa the Year of Dome 2000, Anvil the Artificer, a then otherwise unnamed, highborn Lazaremist later called Tvasitar Smithmonger, dedicated the first three devic talismans, or power foci, that he forged out of molten Brainrock to the Trigregos Sisters.

The long lost, possibly even dead, simultaneous mothers of devakind hated their offspring for abandoning them on the far-off planetary Utopia of New Weir. Not surprisingly, their fearsome talismans could be used to kill Master Devas (devils).

For most of twenty-five hundred years, they belonged to the recurring deviant, Chrysaor Attis, time after time proven a devaslayer. On Thrygragon, Mithramas Day 4376 YD, he turned them over to his Great God of a half-father, Thrygragos Varuna Mithras, to use against his two brothers, Unmoving Byron and Little Star Lazareme, in hopes of usurping their adherents and claiming them as his own.

Hundreds of years later, these selfsame thrice-cursed Godly Glories helped turn the devil-worshippers of Sedon's Head against their seemingly immortal, if not necessarily undying gods. Now, five hundred years after the 1000 Days of Disbelief, they've been relocated.

The highest born, surviving devic goddesses want them for themselves; want to thereby become incarnations of the Trigregos Sisters on the Hidden Continent. An Outer Earthling, one who has literally fallen out of the sky after the launching of the Cosmic Express, gets to them first ...

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The '1000 Days' Mini-Novels

The Death's Head Hellion

- Sedonplay -

Front cover for The Death's Head Hellion, collage prepared by Jim McPherson, 2010

Published in 2010; main web presence is here; Character Companion starts here; ordering lynx are here;

Contagion Collectors

- Sedon Plague -

Front cover for Contagion Collectors, collage prepared by Jim McPherson, 2010

Published in 2010; main web presence is here; Character Companion starts here; ordering lynx are here;

Janna Fangfingers

- Sedon Purge -

Front cover for Janna Fangfingers, collage prepared by Jim McPherson, 2011

Published in 2011; two storylines recounted side-by-side, the titular one narrated by the Legendarian in 5980, the other indirectly leading into the 'Launch 1980' story cycle; main web presence is here; Character Companion starts here; ordering lynx are here;

In the Year of the Dome 4825, Morgan Abyss, the Melusine Master of the Utopian Weirdom of Cabalarkon, seizes control of Primeval Lilith, the ageless, seemingly unkillable Demon Queen of the Night. The eldritch earthborn is the real half-mother of the invariably mortal Sed-sons but, once she has hold of her, aka Lethal Lily, Master Morgan proceeds to trap the Moloch Sedon Himself.

In the midst of the bitter, century-long expansion of the Lathakran Empire, the Hidden Headworld's three tribes of devil-gods are forced to unite in an effort to release their All-Father. Unfortunately for them, they're initially unaware Master Morg, the Death's Head Hellion herself, has also got hold of the Trigregos Talismans, devic power foci that can actually kill devils, and Sedon's thought-father Cabalarkon, the Undying Utopian she'll happily slay if they dare attack her Weirdom.

Utopians from Weir have never given up seeking to wipe devils off not just the face of the Inner Earth, but off the planet itself. Their techno and biomages, under the direction of the Weirdom of Cabalarkon's extremely long-lived High Illuminary, Quoits Tethys, have determined there is only one sure way to do that -- namely, to infect the devils' Inner Earth worshippers with fatal plagues brought in from the Outer Earth.

Come All-Death Day there are more Dead Things Walking than Living Beings Talking. Believe it or not, that's the good news.

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phantacea Graphic Novels

Forever and Forty Days

- The Genesis of Phantacea -

Front cover of Forever and Forty Days; artwork by Ian Fry and Ian Bateson, ca 1990

Published in 1990; main webpage is here; ordering lynx are here

The Damnation Brigade

- Phantacea Revisited 1 -

Front cover of The Damnation Brigade, artwork by Ian Bateson, retouching by Chris Chuckry 2012

Published in 2013; main webpage is here; ordering lynx are here

Cataclysm Catalyst

- Phantacea Revisited 2 -

Front cover for Cataclysm Catalyst, artwork by Verne Andru, 2013

Published in 2014, main webpage is here; ordering lynx are here

Kadmon Heliopolis had one life. It ended in October 1968. The Male Entity has had many lives. In his fifth, he and his female counterpart, often known as Miracle Memory, engendered more so than created the Moloch Sedon. They believe him to be the Devil Incarnate. They've been attempting to kill him ever since. Too bad it's invariably he, Heliosophos (Helios called Sophos the Wise), who gets killed instead.

On the then still Whole Earth circa the Year 4000 BCE, one of their descendants, Xuthros Hor, the tenth patriarch of Golden Age Humanity, puts into action a thought-foolproof, albeit mass murderous, plan to succeed where the Dual Entities have always failed. He unleashes the Genesea. The Devil takes a bath.

Fifty-nine hundred and eighty years later, New Century Enterprises launches the Cosmic Express from Centauri Island. It never reaches Outer Space; not all of it anyhow. As a stunning consequence of its apparent destruction, ten extraordinary supranormals are reunited, bodies, souls and minds, after a quarter century in what they've come to consider Limbo. They name themselves the Damnation Brigade. And so it appears they are -- if perhaps not so much damned as doomed.

At least one person survives the launching of the Cosmic Express. He literally falls out of the sky -- on the Hidden Continent of Sedon's Head. An old lady saves him. Except this old lady lives in a golden pagoda, rides vultures and has a third eye. She also doesn't stay old long. He becomes her willing soldier, acquires the three Sacred Objects and goes on a rampage, against his own people, those that live.

Meanwhile, Centauri Island, the launch site of the Cosmic Express, comes under attack from Hell's Horsemen. Only it's not horses they ride. It's Atomic Firedrakes!

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Helios on the Moon

- 2014 Print Edition -

Covers for Helios on Moon print edition, artwork by Ricardo Sandoval, 2014

Artwork by Ricardo Sandoval, 2014; back cover text is here; back cover characters, unobscured, are here; excerpts from the novel are here; additional lynx re 'Hel-Moon' are here; ordering lynx are here and here

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What might have been, will be for sure in 2014

Two versions of Rhadamanthys Revealed, art by Verne Andru, 1980-2013

Cover(s) by Verne Andru, 1980-2013; text by Jim McPherson, 2014

BTW, pHz-1 #12 only exists in script form; Kitty-Clysm is pH-Webworld shorthand for "Cataclysm Catalyst";

Double-click to enlarge images in this panel here


Phantacea Revisited 2: Cataclysm Catalyst

Cataclysm Catalyst front and back cover in black and white, art by Verne Andru

Coming in the Spring of 2014, the third graphic novel from Phantacea Publications extracts another complete story sequence from Phantacea 1-7 and Phantacea Phase One #1. Artwork by Dave Sim, Ian Fry, Sean Newton, Verne Andrusiek, and Ian Bateson

Double-click to enlarge in a separate window

What was once, will be again

Helios on the Moon, bw versions of front cover for pH-3, art by Richard Sandoval, 1978

Thirty-six years after its original release, Jim McPherson completes his Launch 1980 project to novelize all the Phantacea comic books with the release of "Helios on the Moon"

pH-3 artwork by Richard Sandoval, 1978; rollover adjustments made by Jim McPherson, 2013

Double-click to enlarge images in this panel here
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Phantacea Seven

- The unpublished comic now novelized -

pages 1 and 2, artwork by Ian Bateson, 1980

At long last, the second entry in the Launch 1980 epic fantasy has arrived

Check out the expanded Availability Listings for places you can order or buy Phantacea Publications in person

Images in this row double-click to enlarge here

Look out below!

Full covers for Nuclear Dragons, art by Ian Bateson, 2013; text by Jim McPherson

Nuclear Dragons are here!

- A phantacea Mythos Mosaic Novel -

Jim McPherson continues his ongoing project to novelize the entire Phantacea comic book series

Double-click on image to enlarge in a separate window

Dedicated webpage can be found here; back cover text here; lynx to excerpts from the book start here and here; check out material that didn't make it here and related excerpts from its scheduled follow-up, 2014's "Helios on the Moon", here; for the time being its Auctorial Preamble is reprinted here and here

Centauri Island

- The web-serial enlarged radically -

pages 3 and 4, artwork by Ian Bateson, 1980

Ian Bateson's unpublished artwork from Phantacea Seven provides the basis for the first full-length phantacea Mythos Mosaic Novel since "Goddess Gambit".

Ian Bateson's breathtaking wraparound cover for the novel utilizes his own dragons from pH-7. Those from the unfinished cover for the Phantacea Phase One project can be seen here and here.

Images in this row double-click to enlarge here and here

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Phantacea Revisited 1

B/w first and last pages from DB graphic novel

Check out the expanded Availability Listings for places you can order or buy Phantacea Publications in person

NEW: Read most of the mini-novels making up "The Thousand Days of Disbelief" today on Google Books

Hit here to see what else is currently available there

Guess what isn't coming soon any more?

Text reads Graphic Novel coming soon or here

"Phantacea Revisited 1: The Damnation Brigade"

A Watermarked PDF of the graphic novel can be ordered from Drive Thru Comics here

To order from the publisher, click here or go straight to here.

Postage is extra. Please be aware that as yet Phantacea Publications can only accept certified cheques or money orders.

The Damnation Brigade Graphic Novel

artwork by Ian Bateson and Vince Marchesano

Artwork never seen before in print; almost all of pH-5 available for the first time since 1980

Images in this row double-click to enlarge here

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No wonder they call themselves the Damnation Brigade

Variations of DB cover, artwork by Ian Bateson, 2012, collage by Jim McPherson, 2012

Now available from Phantacea Publications

Images in this row are double-clickable from here, here, and, to a lesser degree, here.

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Two Damnation Brigade Collages, 2009, 2012

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The 2006 PDF of Mythos Mag, with its updated 2012 lynx, can be downloaded here.

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The Phantacea Revisited Project

D-Brig covers

Collecting the Phantacea comic books 1977-1980, 1987, Rv1:DB contains material from pH #s 1-5 + pHz1 #s 1 & 2.

This will be the first time in the better part of 30 years that material from pH-5 has been available except from online traders.

Watch for "Phantacea Revisited #2: Cataclysm Catalyst" coming in the Spring of 2014


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D-Brig advertisement with graphic novel table of contents on one side2013 Phantacea Publications advert with price listSearch all the Phantacea Sites
Contribute to the all-new pHantaBlog and download a free PDF of Mythos Mag #1 while you're at it
Get hold of "Phantacea Revisited 1: The Damnation Brigade", a graphic novel collecting the DB-storyline from pH 1-5, as well as Phantacea Phase One #s 1 & 2 (unpublished) now available for ordering from Phantacea Publications

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"Goddess Gambit"

– Now available from Phantacea Publications –

Eyemouth over cover for Gambitsedonic eyes"For the Dead to Thrive, the Living must Die!"

So proclaims Nergal Vetala, the Blood Queen of Hadd.

When her soldier falls out of the sky she's not only back in the pink again – as in arterial – she reckons she's found the perfect foil through which to play, and win, a Trigregos Gambit.

She might be right as well.

Thus Ends 'The Thrice-Cursed Godly Glories' Trilogy

For more on the actual celestial phenomena upon which the eye-collages were based, click here. There's additional information re the Sedonic Eye here and here. The complete cover for Phase One #1 is here whereas yet another variation of it is here. The left eye double-click is the full cover for "Goddess Gambit", artwork by Verne Andru 2011/2. The right eye double-click is of Ian Bateson's enduring, 1986 Sedonic Eye as prepared by Jim McPherson, 2011. Gambit's main webpage is here.

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"The 1000 Days of Disbelief" is not only 3/3rds Done, it's E-done (albeit for Kindle, not kidding nor kindling)

In part to celebrate the 35th Year of Anheroic Fantasy, Phantacea Publications is pleased to announce that "Feeling Theocidal", Book One of the trilogy, and all three mini-novels extracted from 1000-Daze are available on the Kindle platform from and a number its affiliates worldwide.

Alternative covers for Goddess Gambitcovers and characters from Janna FangfingersSubtitled Sedonplay, Sedon Plague and Sedon Purge, the mini-novels commence, continue and conclude Book Two of 'The Thrice-Cursed Godly Glories' trilogy.

Watch for e-versions of Book Three, "Goddess Gambit", and its full-length predecessor in the Launch 1980 story cycle, "The War of Apocalyptics", coming soon from Phantacea Publications.

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Like the first two mini-novels extracted from 1000-Daze, "The Death's Head Hellion" and "Contagion Collectors", "Janna Fangfingers" contains a book-specific character companion. An Auctorial Prefatory and the opening chapter extracted from Gambit round out a 230-page volume bargain-priced at only $12.00 per book CAD and USD, vastly less as an e-book.

(Please note: although their character companions are for the most part applicable to Feel Theo, in large measure they're not so much so to either War-Pox or Gambit, which tend to feature characters more prevalent in the phantacea comic books and web-serials.)

Together they carry on recording the multi-millennia-long chronicles of the gods and goddesses, the demons and monsters, of antique mythologies — the same seemingly endless saga also presented in the 1990 graphic novel, "Forever & 40 Days — The Genesis of phantacea", and the three, thus-far-published, full-length mosaic novels featuring Jim McPherson's Phantacea Mythos.

Variations on covers prepared for Goddess Gambit

Each of the mini-novels is complete unto itself. Among many another character, they feature Thrygragos Everyman and his firstborn Unities (the incomparable Harmony, Thunder & Lightning Lord Order and Uncle Abe Chaos) in their freewheeling prime. On top of that, Fangers presents a framing story set in 5980 Year of the Dome. As such it could be considered a prequel to the Launch 1980 story cycle that began in earnest with War-Pox and eventually picks up again in Gambit.

[Check out for extracts, synopses, teasers, and a grab bag of even more intriguing graphics pertinent to Phantacea Publications' 35th anniversary.]

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Cover for the Death's Head Hellion, artwork prepared by Jim McPherson, 2010Cover for the Contagion Collectors, artwork prepared by Jim McPherson, 2010

"Forever & 40 Days — The Genesis of PHANTACEA", a graphic novel with additional features written by Jim McPherson, "Feeling Theocidal" (Book One of 'The Thrice Cursed Godly Glories'), "The War of the Apocalyptics" (the opening entry in the Launch 1980 story cycle), the three mini-novels, "The Death's Head Hellion", "Contagion Collectors" and "Janna Fangfingers", that comprise "The 1000 Days of Disbelief" (Book Two of 'The Thrice Cursed Godly Glories'), the trilogy's concluding novel, "Goddess Gambit", the graphic novel "Phantacea Revisited 1: The Damnation Brigade", "Nuclear Dragons"(the second, full-length entry in the Launch 1980 story cycle), plus the latest graphic novel, "Phantacea Revisited 2: Cataclysm Catalyst", and "Helios on the Moon", the culminating entry in the Launch 1980 story cycle, should be available at your favourite book stops.

If they're not, kindly direct local librarians and neighbourhood booksellers to in order to start rectifying that sad situation. Either that or, if you're feeling even more proactive, click here, copy the link, paste it into an email and send it to them, along with everyone else you reckon could use a double dose of anheroic fantasy. It will certainly be appreciated.

Help build the buzz. The more books sell, the faster the PHANTACEA Mythos spreads.

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Covers for Feeling Theocidal and Forever and Forty DaysTwo Ian  Bateson covers of the same scene

Individual copies of "Feeling Theocidal", "The War of the Apocalyptics", the three mini-novels comprising "The Thousand Days of Disbelief" ("The Death's Head Hellion", "Contagion Collectors" and "Janna Fangfingers") and "Goddess Gambit" can be ordered from and its affiliates, including and, as well as from Barnes & Noble.

Libraries, bookstores and bookseller collectives can place bulk orders through Ingram Books, Ingram International, Baker & Taylor, Coutts Information Services, and a large number of other distributors worldwide.

E-books for Kindle, Kindle Fire, I-pad, I-phone and other applications can be ordered through, and other amazon affiliates worldwide. An interactive e-book containing the entirety of "Feeling Theocidal", as built specifically for Adobe Reader, is available direct from the publisher. (Certified cheques or money orders only, please.) E-books on other platforms are also available. Check you favourite online bookseller for the latest list and ordering instructions for Phantacea Publications. lists the latest releases from Phantacea Publications along with a goodly number of additional booksellers carrying them. Also listed therein are almost all of the PHANTACEA Mythos print and e-publications, including the graphic novel and some of the comic books.

Another interesting option for the curious is Chegg, which has a rent-a-book program. Thus far its search engine shows no results for phantacea (any style or permutation thereof) but it does recognize Jim McPherson (a variety of them) and the titles of many releases from Phantacea Publications.

As for the Whole Earth (other than the Hidden Continent of Sedon's Head, at least as far as I can say and always assuming it's still around in what be its 61st century), well, this page contains a list of a few other websites where you can probably order the novels in a variety of currencies and with credit cards.

Of course you can always email or send me your order(s) via surface mail. No matter where you live or what currency you prefer to use, I'll figure out a way to fill your order(s) myself. Just be aware that I can only accept certified cheques or money orders. Plus, I'll have to charge an additional 12% to cover Canadian and provincial goods and sales taxes as well as Canada Post rates for shipping.

I do use bubble mailers, though.

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- generally speaking, all were (or are, in 1980) anarchists; initially, additionally to say, of those alive in the 20s, 30s and early 40s, most were followers of Agenor Heliopolis, the first Olympian;
- many of those alive and active in the '20s, '30s and early '40s, particularly during the Spanish Civil War and throughout 2nd World War, were also oft-referred to as Malanthean Minoans because their symbol was the Black Rose of Anarchy (the 'Malantheus');
- in the mid-60s, Agenor's son, Kadmon Heliopolis, revitalized the Black Rose; Kadmon and the Trigon Spartae were killed on Aegean Trigon in 1968;
- the Families Heliopolis, Kinesis and Zeross contribute many characters to the phantacea Mythos;

| Heliopolis, Agenor - The 1st Olympian | Heliopolis, Kadmon - El Draco | Kinesis, Alexandros - Pluman | Kinesis, Romaine - Doc Defiance | Kinesis, Roxanne nee Heliopolis - Slipper | Zeross, Aristotle - The 2nd Ringleader | Zeross, Megaera nee Kinesis - the 2nd Olympian |


- a 38-year old avowed anarchist (in 1938); was one of those along, as a 20-year old, on the Godling Guild’s Summoning to the Vale of the Visionaries in 1920; is a veteran of the Spanish Civil War and the founder of the still mostly unheard of Black Rose of Anarchy;
- born in the first few minutes of the 20th Century; Abe Ryne considers him the singly most dangerous man in the world, mostly because he effectively controls the Zeross Shipping Empire and can therefore use it to fund his revolutionary activities;
- Agenor has possession of the Olympian Tantalus, which contains the Goods and Glories of the Olympian Gods and Goddesses;
- Etzel (“Count Molech”) Sangati is his sworn blood brother (they have pledged never to do the other harm and to avenge any harm done to either of them);
- under the tutelage of Magister Mandam (the revitalized Mithrant Brotherhood’s actual Pope) he has achieved the 6th Level of Cave Mithraism, that of the Heliodromus or Sky Magician;
- during the 1938 Heliodyssey web-serials, betrothed to Argiope (“Bright Face”) Zeross, a Summoning Child he intends to marry a year from now (January 1939) when she turns 18;

"The discharges bounced off his shield and suit of silver armour as the goatskin caped, brilliantly glowing man advanced ... He levitated, towards the roof of the warehouse. No, not levitated. Flew, -- on winged sandals!"

-- from 'The Moloch Manoeuvres'


Spoiler Alert

The young Baron Günter von Alptraum admittedly sought to kill Kadmon Heliopolis in May of 1960 in part because he'd threatened to do to him what (he believed) von Alp's creature, Steltsar, did to Kad's Olympian of a father in 1944. The voices von Alp is referring to (in 1965) were purportedly coming from his father, using his Phantast-like abilities from beyond the grave. Mandam's material refers to the mostly indecipherable notes left in the Soviet Supracity after Jesus Mandam, the Conquering Christ, was killed on Salvation Island on Xmas Day 1953.

“Heliopolis threatened me,” protested von Alp. “Put everything I’d worked toward at risk. Remember, at the time I was the only one making progress with Mandam’s material — but that was only because of the voices I kept hearing. Heliopolis had to be eliminated.” Both blamed the other for the death of his father in 1944. Although, due to an absence of reliable witnesses, there was a great deal of confusion as to the exact timeline, it was generally accepted that Agenor Heliopolis, Europa and Kadmon’s father, killed Tyrtod von Alptraum whereupon, albeit as Steltsar, the old Baron returned the favour.

... from 'Ringleader's Revenge', an unpublished web-serial set in 1964/65


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- father: Agenor; mother: Argiope 'Bright Face'; half-sister Europa; paternal aunt: Roxanne 'Slipper';
- along with cousins, Aristotle 'Harry' Zeross and Romaine 'Rom' Kinesis, one-third of the Trigon Triumvirate;
- growing up often called Kad, though Headmistress Virginia Mannering called him El Draco when he was a youngster during during and immediately after the war (WWII) during the war due to the fact that he could do everything he tried scarily well; he couldn't do anything supra-well, however:

Since no one had ever figured out exactly what he was capable of doing, Kad was an even more dangerous individual. Which was one of the reasons she dubbed him El Draco while they were both living on Aegean Trigon. Nonetheless, perhaps because he was ever as wilful as she had been in her wayward youth, she had always enjoyed his company.

As for who he was capable of becoming, a truly mass-murderous Mad God – at least according to whom he may have became – that was something she less doubted he could become than believed he would be­come. That observed, years ago now, were it remotely possible, his poten­tial was such she could foresee him as likely becoming a god as a devil, or vice versa. In fact, given his confounding nature, she figured it even more likely he would attain both extremes simultaneously.

... from 'Ringleader's Revenge', an unpublished web-serial set in 1964/65


- in his 100th Lifetime the Male Entity is on record as saying that he believes he was Kad in his first, which ended on Aegean Trigon in 1968:

Despite his close ties to the Zeross-Kinesis-Heliopolis clans – the ‘Malanthean Minoans’ or, equally often, the ‘Etocretan Extremists’ of this day and decade – Maxwell had absolutely no use for Kadmon Heliopolis and his cronies, the so-called Trigon Spartae. He quite rightly regarded the then twenty-eight year old son of Agenor Heliopolis (Hot Rox’s much older brother) and Argiope nee Zeross (Angie’s youngest sister), both of whom had died during the war, as ideological threats to worldwide prosperity, not to mention comparative stability.

In Max’s view, Kadmon was much more than just the daring, but essentially unstable, leader of the modern day Black Rose. He was an undeclared – and until now unsanctioned – supranormal. The Great Man had left him alone for so many years simply because he seemed to have no extraordinary, as in metafunctional, abilities. As far as Max was concerned that’s what made him so dangerous.

Kadmon did everything too damn well.

... taken out of "Helios on the Moon", the third entry in the 'Launch 1980' story cycle

- as per here, Kadmon in 1968 was depicted in “Forever & 40 Days The Genesis of PHANTACEA, a graphic novel released by Phantacea Publications in 1980

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KINESIS, Alexandros

- supranormal who came to be known as Pluman; a master of Earth Magic, which meant he could control Solidium/Stopstone;

Alexandros pounced. With his gloved hands, both of which were now glowing almost as brightly as the silver armour, he grabbed the other man's shield by its edges, pressed it against his chest, and, as if it was silly putty or a thin sheet of tin, caused it to wrap around his upper body.

-- from 'The Moloch Manoeuvres'


- the son of Olympias nee Sangati and Philip Kinesis; brother of Megaera become Zeross; husband of Roxanne nee Heliopolis; father of Romaine; a Mithrant Persian, the apprentice of his great uncle, Magister Joseph Mandam;

- conceived and thereafter considered a dead ringer for Alexander the Great;

Olympias figured her eldest child had the makings of a new Alexander of Macedonia. [F]igured her son could rule [the world].

-- Hulga Faust to Medea Annulis, from 'The Moloch Manoeuvres'


At that time -- as it still was in some quarters -- eugenics were all the rage and, Rhea [born Sangati always of the Ararats] admitted [to Wolfgang Shekmet, 1938's Emperor Mammalian] with a straight face, she was in the process of breeding a new Alexander the Great. Huh?

[IMAGE OF ALEXANDER OF MACEDONIA, TAKEN FROM THE WEB]Didn't you know the Macedonian conquered the then-known world not so much because it was there but because the Delphic Oracle had foreseen him having a short life? Shekmet allowed he had. Well, claimed Rhea, what Alexander was really doing was scouring the world for a way to prevent not just his early death but any death. His army just tagged along for the rape and pillage stuff.

Anyhow, the story was that he found it. Although where he found it had never been determined, it apparently worked too. So, how did he succumb to the common cold or whatever it was that killed him? He hadn't of course. He had, like Jesus Christ three hundred odd years after him, faked his death and was probably still alive.

Which meant, Rhea postulated howsoever many more than twenty or thirty odd years ago now, that Jesus had probably found it too.

When he came of age her new Alexander -- Alexandros Kinesis, her grandson by Olympias -- was going to follow Great's path to greatness almost literally. And if he didn't find it, well, she had accounted for that possibility too. Her twin brother, Joseph Mandam, who desired the same thing, had long had his eyes on a certain as yet too young to marry girl named Mary and ...

Wolfgang Shekmet may have been a homicidal maniac but he was no fool. He figured eugenics made about as much sense as euthenics, which is to say none at all. He'd have no truck with any of this nature versus nurture nonsense. Was a big fan of history, however.

Christ had his missing years -- at least eighteen of them, from twelve to thirty -- but Great's life was pretty well documented. So he studied Alexander's wanderings; his footsteps, as it were. Studied them as intently as any podiatrist. Also as it were.

Years later, long after Joseph had his Mary and they had their Jesus, as well as a Barsine -- which no doubt not coincidentally was also the name of one of Great's wives -- Shekmet discovered that Alexander too had his missing bits. Particularly, it turned out, just after he conquered Egypt.

Hey, he thought to himself, Christ had been in Egypt, hadn't he? As an infant, fleeing from Herod's sanctions against newly born boys, true, but there was no reason to suppose he didn't go back there after he had that tantrum in the Temple. Didn't that Jesus's Joseph have relatives there?

Moreover, if you're going to be Forever Young, shouldn't you be Forever Lovely? So, who was the most beautiful woman in Antiquity? Helen of Troy of course. And wasn't there some story she spent most of the Trojan War safely in Egypt? Was indeed -- Richard Strauss had even written an opera about the Egyptian Helena not so very long ago; in the late 20s truth told, this Barsine informed Sorciere. Sorciere did not approve of operas, especially if they involved horses.

Who was the second most beautiful woman in Antiquity? No question there either. It was the one who wooed Julius Caesar then Marc Anthony. Where did she rule? Where else? And what about the Queen of Sheba?

Thus, claimed Barsine, he developed this theory that somewhere in the general area of Lake Victoria, in the vicinity of the source of the Nile River, he would locate Cleopatra's fabled bath. Locate its waters at least. And, like the Hag of the Volsungs, Shekmet thought they would prove to be the Stream of Life, nothing less than the Fountain of Youth.

... from "Tympanic Memories", the 4th chapter of 'The Vampire Variations'


- there's more on the machinations of Alex's mother and grandmother to breed him as a new Alexander the Great such that he could locate Cleopatra's Bath and the Elixir of Eternity here;
- Alex is quoted here, in 1965

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KINESIS, Romaine

- mother: Roxanne 'Slipper' born Heliopolis; father: Alexandros 'Pluman' Kinesis; one the so-called Gypsium Triumvirate (the others being Aristotle 'Harry' Zeross and Kadmon 'El Draco' Heliopolis);

see also Doc Defiance, the Gypsium Man;
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KINESIS, Roxanne nee Heliopolis

- a Summoning Child who became an Afrite a couple of years after puberty;
- a self-teleporter; originally thought of as a Living Ghost, which was her original codename; once her abilities were better understand, she became the supra known as Slipper;

"Then [Agenor's] sister was beside him again. She clutched his wrist and his whole arm vanished, -- though he could still feel it; [Rox] ... going into her disembodiment, living ghost routine."

-- from 'The Moloch Manoeuvres'


- wife of Alexandros Kinesis, by whom she had Romaine Kinesis; probable mother (in 1953) of eventual Cosmicaptain Dmetri Diomad (come 1980, likely Vetala's Soldier, aka the Trigregos Titan, in "Goddess Gambit" {'The Trigregos Gambit'}) by Demonites Zeross, the 3rd Olympian; sister-in-law of Megaera eventually Zeross, the 2nd Olympian, and sister of Agenor Heliopolis, the first Olympian;
- Agenor’s much younger sister; born on the same day as Argiope (“Bright Face”) Zeross, her brother’s fiancée, and Laodice (“Lao”) Atreides, two other Etocretans in Rome with her in 1938, Rox is a spooky-looking Summoning Child now married to Alexandros Kinesis and the mother, by Alex, of a 1-year old child, Romaine, who is still in Greece being attended to by Lao’s parents, Clymene (“Mystery Might”) born Catreus (Agenor and Roxanne’s maternal aunt) and husband Pelops (“Pops Polyps”) Atreides;
- Hot Rox is a Lovely Lady Afrite partially trained by Memory of the Angels; one of those who swam in the Totem Pool (what they thought was Cleopatra’s rejuvenating bath) back in late ’35, early ’36 and, consequently, she is the real reason brother Agenor got into the Olympian Tantalus;

“Wasn’t your mother, my paternal aunt, called the Living Ghost, when she wasn’t called Slipper?” inserted Helios, significantly not offering anyone another drink; nor finishing the one he’d already poured for himself. “Don’t recall her being an ‘it girl’, though. Actually, now that I think about it, she was, absolutely. You don’t get a nickname like Hot Rox without being an ‘it girl’, as in ‘the girl’s got it all’.”

“And believes in sharing it,” muttered Kinesis, who well-recalled his mother’s reputation. He was looking at the very someone who brought it out of her, too.

(Human Memory was Roxanne born Heliopolis’s mentor as well as her brother Agenor’s eventual husband. She was a decade or so older than Rox, who was a Summoning Child. Both became Lovely Lady Afrites at an early age by today’s standards. They thereafter dedicated their lovemaking to the Great Goddess Aphrodite. By all reports both were also very devoted.)

... from "Helios on the Moon", the third entry in the 'Launch 1980' story cycle


Another Lovely Lady – one who, though eleven years younger than Mnemosyne, became her apprentice, good friend, and eventual sister-in-law – was Roxanne Heliopolis Kinesis. She (Kadmon’s paternal aunt and the mother of Romaine Kinesis, who was currently en route to the Liberty, as well as by Demonites Zeross, Harry’s much older and very much dead brother, of a missing Cosmicaptain, Dmetri Diomad) hadn’t been seen since vanishing in Egypt, along with Rom’s father, Alexandros, and Mnemosyne’s daughter, Kadmon’s half-sister, Europa, in 1960.

... taken out of "Helios on the Moon", the third entry in the 'Launch 1980' story cycle


- Hot Rox is quoted here, in 1965

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Alexander III by Benjamin West, scanned in from a postcard bought in Edinburgh in 2003 then adjusted by Jim McPherson on PHOTOSHOP, 2007ZEROSS, Aristotle

- born 1943 on Aegean Trigon; codenamed Ringleader as of 1960, also Kid Ringo from roughly 1948 until 1955;

- the Last of the Supranormals; that is to say the last supranormal those within the upper echelons of the Alliance of Man and the Soviet Supra Supreme knew re-became active circa end-April 1960 (along with the rest of the King's Own Crimefighters, he'd been deactivated end-December 1955; except, that is also to say, he also remained manifestly alive); evidence that he remained active lasted until early December 1980, when he was apparently killed on Centauri Island by Crystallion (Crystal St Synne - 1960's Strife);

[Recall: Other than need-to-know, top dog military men, certain select heads of state and the occasional Witch Superior like Morgianna Sarpedon, no one else alive on the Outer Earth could remember, if they ever knew, that supras even existed from roughly early 1938 until late 1980;]Image suggestive of a Young Harry Zeross, photo taken in Brasilia, Brazil and altered by Jim McPherson, 2007

- the central character in ' Ringleader's Revenge'; played a major role in both 'The Trigregos Gambit' and 'Helios on the Moon'; also appeared in 'Centauri Island' and 'The Weirdness of Cabalarkon' ; one of the so-called Gypsium Triumvirate (the others being Romaine Kinesis and Kadmon 'El Draco' Heliopolis);

Mother: Megaera nee Kinesis (the second Olympian); Father: Angelo (the first Ringleader so codenamed); Brother: Demonites (the third Olympian); Sister: Oriani eventually Ryne; First Wife: Belificent nee D'Angelo; Second Wife: Melina 'Illuminatus' nee Sarpedon, the High Illuminary of Weir in 1980; Daughters (all by Melina): Persephone (Percy), Helena (Paree) and Athena (Tina);Humping Hoolies graphic over a poster spotted in Budapest gallery, 2010

NOTE 1: The mouse-over for the graphic to the upper left of this entry reads: "Alexander III by Benjamin West, scanned in from a postcard bought in Edinburgh in 2003 then adjusted by Jim McPherson on PHOTOSHOP, 2007"; another image, albeit one using somewhat more of the postcard plus some additional PHOTOSHOP trickery, can be found here;

NOTE 2: The mouse-over for the graphic to the upper right of this entry reads: "Image suggestive of a Young Harry Zeross, photo taken in Brasilia, Brazil and altered by Jim McPherson, 2007". I took the picture that forms the basis for this graphic in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, in 2007. I spotted the painting in the Circulo, which I believe is officially known as the Museum of Honestino Guimaraes. My notes indicate it's called 'Ora, Legge' and that it's by Eduardo Carrera.

NOTE 3: The titular text reads: "Ringleader - The Second So Codenamed". The rest of it reads: "Aristotle 'Harry' Zeross married while still a teenager in 1960. Faceless Strife ensured he didn't stay married for long!" More details re this statement can be found here. Additional entries on Faceless Strife can be found here and here.

NOTE 4: The text on the graphic beside these notes reads: "Humping Hula Hoops, Harry lad! How's it hanging?". Young Death (presumed to be Augustus Nauroz dwarf-dusted by Tralalorn in 5920 such that he thereafter becomes a perpetual seven year old with some very unsavoury knacks) actually says this to Ringleader during the course of "Goddess Gambit". The graphic itself was prepared by Jim McPherson over a shot of an unattributed, but oddly whimsical painting he took in a Budapest gallery back in 2010. From the looks of the figures it was done hundreds of years ago, perhaps in the 16th or 17th Century.

Note 5: All shots in this panel double-click to enlarge in a separate window


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ZEROSS, Megaera nee Kinesis

- sister of Alexandros Kinesis;
- mother by Angelo Zeross (the 1st Ringleader) of Demonites (the 3rd Olympian), Aristotle (the 2nd Ringleader), and Oriani eventually Ryne;
- one of the snake-loving (Ophidian), Ophirant-trained Female Furies of WWII supra-fame; the other two were Electrocretan and Nemesis -- although, initially, Artemis 'Sagitta' Zeross become Hyperenor was Nemesis while the likes of Medea, Mata, and Argiope acted as Furies/Erinyes in their own way;
- as suggested here, deliberately slept with Angelo Zeross, before succumbing to her Uncle Etzel's lures, with the result being Demonites, born in 1931;
- this selfsame Count Molech (Etzel Sangati, whom she considered her uncle even though his parentage was disputed) bit off one of her fingers (and her wedding ring with it -- the Ring of the Nebuland), thus rendering her 4-Fingered Meg, in the summer of 1937 on Aegean Trigon;
- name means Grudge or Jealousy, hence Hellion-Grudge;
- along with Laodice Atreides and Tisiphone Soldakis, one of WWII's latter-day Female Furies;
- has an eye-stave as of early 1938; also called Meg-Aura because, not long after acquiring it, she effectively becomes a living eye-stave;
- later became Olympian II and, with her brother, joined the King's Own Crimefighters; only gave it up when she became pregnant with Oriani;
- depicted in 1990's "Forever & Forty Days -- The Genesis of phantacea" graphic novel;

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ANNULIS, Doctor Amos

- as per "Nuclear Dragons", a real life Armenian freedom fighter whose identity Ringleader (Harry Zeross) uses on the Outer Earth in 1980;


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ANNULIS, Apsyrtus (“Cousin Scatterbrain”, “The Absurdist”)

- Summoning-aged son of Medea born Tauri and, probably, Jason Annulis (Medea believes his father was Ulysses Heliopolis, Belus’s brother, Agenor and Roxanne’s uncle, who was one of those who died or disappeared during the Summoning);
- in 1938 lives on Aegean Trigon with Angelo, Argiope, Demonites and Megaera born Kinesis Zeross (Meg is Scatterbrain’s cousin);
- was with Mama Medea, Aunt Mata, the Mandams (Magister Joseph and his Summoning-aged twins by Mary Magdalene nee Ryne, Jesus and Barsine), Clymene Atreides, Sedon St Synne, Mnemosyne D’Angelo and a number of the Etocretans currently in Rome, on the Alexandros Kinesis-led expedition to Africa in search of Cleopatra’s Bath (the Fountain of Youth) in late 1935, early 1936;
- in love with fellow Summoning Child, Laodice Atreides, who lives on Trigon with parents Clymene and Pelops Atreides and calls him Cousin Scatterbrain, even though they are not closely related by either blood or marriage;
- friendly with fellow Summoning Child, Argiope “Bright Face” Zeross, who also lives on Trigon with Angelo and Megaera Zeross (Angelo is Argiope’s brother) in the last Thirties;
- knows a great deal about Mediterranean mythologies, but very little else;


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ANNULIS, Doctor Jason


- at one point in time, Queen Godda of Twilight, which suggests she was possessed of Krepusyl Evenstar, Wilderwitch's half-mother;


- incomparably beautiful Summoning Aged Female Furie known as Electra, Electric Lady & Electrocretan; sometimes also, albeit unofficially, known as Electrocutioner;
- daughter of Pelops and Clymene (Mystery Might) nee Catreus Atreides, their Grey Baby,
- looks a lot like Athena nee Kinesis Ryne did when she had the twins, Loxus and Magda on 1 January 1900;
- the little trickster, Hush Mannering, calls her Electra Snapzap, the Boltwhip Babe, at some point during the Heliodyssey web-serials;
- along with Megaera born Kinesis Zeross and Tisiphone Soldakis, one of WWII's Female Furies;
- belonged to the second version of Strife's Sinister Sisterhood as Solenoid;
- early on in supra-career has a lightning rod that, when it's not a lightning rod, has to be fed; this personal peculiarity, one of a number, is briefly mentioned here;
- when on the Head, via the Kore Gap that linked Aegean Trigon on the Outer Earth with Kore's Hell inside the Inner Earth's Mt Maenalus, came to be considered Electra-Electress of the Electran Elementals;
- daughter Zenobia, presumably by Mesmer ("Mr Attraction") Hent, born on or around the Summer Solstice of 1953;
- Harry Zeross refers to her as 'Aunt' during 'Harry on the Head', an unpublished web-serial; he does because Lao's parents, Pelops and Clymene, as good as raised his parents, Angelo and Megaera, after their parents died during the Simultaneous Summonings;


The two speakers in this quote are Lao's nephew Harry (Aristotle Zeross, Ringleader's real name) and her sometimes friend Fisherwoman; the year is 5960 YD; the full quote is preserved here:

“My aunt?”

“Laodice? Electra-Electress of the Electrans, the Lords and Ladies of Lightning, Elementals that hang out in the Cloud Cities nether regions. Perhaps after you Etocretans, Electrans were how Lao referred to her personally loyal sprites. In contrast, the as-good-as triplet Volsung girls, Gold, Silver and Bronze, called them Blitzens, as in Santa’s reindeer. As in ‘blitzkrieg’, lightning-war, tuna-too!”

... from "Harry on the Head", the unpublished sequel to the 'Aspects of an Amoebaman' web-serial


Lao's boa is akin to a devil's power focus; it doesn't have to be alive; probably never is, though it certainly seems like it is when she bold-whips it into action, in this case 'electrocising' Achigan Auranja, Fisherwoman's Golden Orange, in Azky 5960 in Godbad City:

Thanks to his Byronic allies, the Fatman would have known one thing about Achigan already: that he could not be possessed by a Master Deva. Which was the usual way devils took care of their foes without killing them. In other words, when he was arrested the hereditary Good King of Godbad was wearing a demon.

Among Lao’s supra-talents, what earned her the position of Electran Electress back when she wasn’t even twenty and on this side of Cathonia for one of her earliest visits, was the ability to drive demons off their under-hosts. She did so by zapping them with her lightning bolt.

Which, when it wasn’t a jolt of electricity, usually took the shape of a whip; when, it should also be said, it wasn’t a transmutable, but apparently otherwise alive, pet boa of the constrictor variety. Which it sometimes was — she was a born Hellion after all. After the Summoning, more like.

So it was, presumably with the previously acquired consent of the Unmoving One’s Spawn, that the Fatman, even though he was not physically present, had her shock-rod rock the demon off him such that ex-King Golden Orange could be possessed by a Byronic devil. By Smoky Sedona Spellbinder, to be exact.

Which was what she did.

... from "Harry on the Head", the unpublished sequel to the 'Aspects of an Amoebaman' web-serial


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- called Pops Polyps by disrespectful children living on Aegean Trigon up until the beginning of WWII;
- wife: Clymene, the Hellions' Mother Superior on the Outer Earth and the Korants' nominal Mater up until the beginning of WWII;
- he and wife Clymene had a number of children; only one of whom, Laodice eventually Hent, appeared very often in the Phantacea Mythos;
- another of their daughter, Ariadne, got lost on the Inner Earth at some point previous to when the Heliodyssey web-serials began in 1938;

DIOMAD, Cosmicaptain Dmetri

- born in September 1953; unacknowledged but probable parents Roxanne born Heliopolis Kinesis and Demonites Zeross;

- as noted throughout the 'Launch 1980' story cycle, cosmicaptain of the empty cosmicar that ended up on Damnation Island on November 30, 1980;

- likely Vetala's Soldier, aka the Trigregos Titan, in "Goddess Gambit" {'The Trigregos Gambit'}, which for Gambit anyhow, would make him a Pivotal Character;


Dem’s Dim, Demonites’ putative bastard, was Dmetri Diomad. His presumed mother was the then four years’ late, still lamented Roxanne nee Heliopolis Kinesis – the mother, when she was not quite sixteen, of Romaine Kinesis. In 1968 Diomad was only fifteen himself. Nevertheless, on behalf of the Ryne-funded, as well as Ryne-named, AMERICA, he’d been spying on the [in 1980] relatively recently revitalized Black Rose of Anarchy for almost three years.

... from "Helios on the Moon", the third entry in the 'Launch 1980' story cycle


“If it wasn’t for that punk kid of Demonites Zeross, Dmetri Diomad, failing to assassinate the Prime Minister of Greece in August of ’68, Kadmon might have successfully ousted the Colonels and taken over the country. As it was, the PM survived long enough to call on Ryne and AMERICA to help him wipe out the Rose ..."

... Sean Smythe speaking to James Aremar on the UNES Liberty, from "Helios on the Moon", the third entry in the 'Launch 1980' story cycle


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HELIOPOLIS, Aerobe nee Catreus

- husband: Belus Heliopolis; sister: Clymene eventually Atreides; offspring: Agenor and Roxanne, whom she died having in December 1920;
- as per here, possibly became a lamia after she died giving birth to Roxanne;

Even though she was around 40 when she died having Roxanne over that Christmas-New Years period, extant photos from the era showed Kadmon’s grandmother, Aerobe nee Catreus, was a regular stunner. Reportedly she was also a Lovely Lady Afrite, the same as Roxanne became once she fell under the influence of none other than Mnemosyne D’Angelo, herself eventually Heliopolis, Moon Memory’s template

... from "Helios on the Moon", the third entry in the 'Launch 1980' story cycle


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- brother: Ulysses Heliopolis; wife: Aerobe nee Catreus; son: Agenor Heliopolis; daughter: Roxanne Heliopolis become Kinesis; grandson: Kadmon Heliopolis; granddaughter: Europa
- believed killed during the Summoning of 1920 but either appears in the 'Heliodyssey' web-serials or someone using his name does;


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- father: Agenor Heliopolis; mother: Mnemosyne D'Angelo (Human Memory); half-brother: Kadmon Heliopolis;
- appears in the 'Ringleader's Revenge' web-serials;
- mentioned in "Helios on the Moon";
- suspicion she's Telepassa of Godbad, who mostly appears in the 'The Damnation Brigade' web-serials, that her triplet daughters are Trigregos Incarnate and that all four of her daughters are the offspring of her own brother, the Male Entity, never confirmed;


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- brother: Belus Heliopolis; nephew: Agenor Heliopolis; neice: Roxanne Heliopolis become Kinesis; grand-nephew: Kadmon Heliopolis; grand-neice: Europa
- believed lost during the Summoning of 1920 but either appears in the 'Heliodyssey' web-serials or someone using his name does;
- Hush believes he was the Conqueror during the war years, after which he took up residence in the Soviet Supracity in the Ukraine;


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The Silver Arrow Assassins were Nester Hyperenor and Artemis nee Zeross. Together they had one son, Thaddeus. He grew up to be a better shot than either of his parents.

Following family tradition, he sent silver arrowheads to his contracted targets.

... from "The War of the Apocalyptics"
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- son of 1938's Silver Arrow Assassins: Artemis ('Sagitta') nee Zeross and Nester ('Sagittarius') Hyperenor; presumably became a System Seer and, thereafter, the Silver Signaller codenamed Sharpshooter (or Shoot); one of the Trigon Spartae (El Draco's Dragon's Teeth in ' Ringleader's Revenge');

- in War-Pox, Cerebrus only suspects Thaddeus Hyperenor is the System Seer codenamed Sharpshooter; as he can't help realizing, however, there would appear to be a minor problem with this suspicion:

Except for one thing, Cerebrus would have bet money Thad was this Sharpshooter fellow. Together with Kadmon [Heliopolis] and four others, all of whom were familiar to him from as early as the years he spent on Trigon with Headmistress Mannering from roughly ‘43 to ‘46, he was killed when Trigon, the Aegean island that figured so strangely during the Secret War as a haven for supranormals of any allegiance, sank in 1968.

Islands of course didn't ordinarily sink. They might blow up, like Krakatoa did sometime in the early 1880s, but, aside from Plato’s fabled Atlantis, they didn't sink. Yet this one evidently had. Even more distressingly, Trigon sank when an Alliance of Man bomber dropped its load on the same outcropping of Gypsium that Harry Zeross, properly codenamed Ringleader, used to fashion his miraculous rings.

... from "The War of the Apocalyptics"


- for his part, Shoot scoffs at the notion he might be Thad:

The room was empty but there was a wicked slash through Sapphire's Silver, her supposedly impregnable body armour, and all but one of her artificial agates were gone. Five sealed envelopes lay on the bed. They were individually addressed, one to each of them, using their codenames. Inside were separate messages and airline tickets. As one, after slitting them open, the five Signallers blanched.

With the apparent exception of Sharpshooter, who had no other name any of them knew, the tickets were made out in their real names. With the one exception of Sapphire’s ticket, which was for Houston Texas, where she was going to be going to school come January, the ultimate destinations were to where each of them was born. Which, again with the exception of Shooter, only System could have known since Signallers were not allowed to discuss their private lives. The date for the first legs of their flights was December the Fourth, 1980. Today!

“Fucking mind reader,” cursed Spartan.

“Pretty stupid mind reader, if you ask me,” said Shooter as he tore his ticket in two. “Thaddeus Hyperenor has been dead for a dozen years.”

... from "The War of the Apocalyptics"


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- an associate of Agenor Heliopolis in the pre-war and WWII version of the Black Rose of Anarchy; occasionally appears in the Heliodyssey web-serials;

- more on the mythological Talos is here;

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Once Alastor Molorchus was Professor Romaine Kinesis’s closest friend and collaborator on what eventually became the Cosmic Express’s teleportive fuel. He’d become a teleporter after being thoroughly bom­barded with Gypsium – after presumably dying, just as much so – during an experiment conducted by Romaine Kinesis on the Outer Earth’s Centauri Island in 1968 its time.

... from "Helios on the Moon", the third entry in the 'Launch 1980' story cycle


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PELORUS, Idomeneus

Sicilian born; father of Rathegar;

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PELORUS, Rathegar

- son of Idomeneus Pelorus;
- called Bugbear because of his size and formidable size;
- one of the Trigon Spartae (El Draco's Dragon's Teeth in ' Ringleader's Revenge');
- presumably became a System Seer and, thereafter, the Silver Signaller codenamed Sasquatch;


- father likely Etzel Sangati, Count Molech in 'The Moloch Manoeuvres' web-serial as set in January-February 1938, a Blood Beast Prime;
- mother likely Tanith von Blut (the silver Volsung), the supra self-codenamed Silverhair but also called Cousin Constellation;
- nicknamed Itch due to his affinity for scrathing people with knives;
- presumably became a System Seer and, thereafter, the Silver Signaller codenamed Shelter;
- a one-time lover of Crystal St Synne (who was transformed into Crystallion by the time the 'Launch 1980' story cycle began)

SIAN, Alorstro

- Sicilian born Summoning Child;
- associated with WORLD in 1980, where he's sometimes called Dr Cyanide;

SOLDAKIS, Tisiphone

- Summoning Aged Female Furie known as Nemesis (a name also given to eventual Freespirit Nihila at the tail-end of the 500-year long Goddess Culture, aka the Mad Goddesses' Middle Sea Matriarchate, circa 1500 BC);
- along with Megaera born Kinesis Zeross and Laodice Atreides, one of WWII's Female Furies
- belonged to the second version of Strife's Sinister Sisterhood as Sanguinary;
- presumed mother of Gus Soldakis, Signal System's Space-Age Spartan in 1980;

UDAEUS, Capnan

- son of Dicta and Daphne Udaeus; brother of Krista;
- one of the Trigon Spartae (El Draco's Dragon's Teeth in ' Ringleader's Revenge');
- presumably became a System Seer and, thereafter, the Silver Signaller codenamed Styx;

UDAEUS, Daphne


UDAEUS, Krista

ZEROSS, Angelo

Wife: Megaera nee Kinesis; Sons: Aristotle & Demonites; Daughter: Oriani; Sisters: Artemis "Sagitta" become Hyperenor and Argiope "Bright Face" eventually Heliopolis;

- how he came to father Demonites in order to prevent Count Molech getting at Megaera then still Kinesis is mentioned here;
- depicted in 1990's "Forever & Forty Days -- The Genesis of phantacea" graphic novel;


"I have the keys, Agenor. I am the Ringleader. And I would lead us all to safety."

"I have no use for pacifists like you, Angelo," stated Heliopolis.

-- from 'The Moloch Manoeuvres'


The elder Zeross, whom both Fish and Mel would have known as the first Ringleader, or Ringkeeper, derided wars and their warriors. In particular he scoffed at those who wore uniforms. They weren’t heroes; they were, tragically, all too often necessary idiots too brain-dead-zombified to turn their weapons on those who gave them to them, rather than their fellow fools on the other side.

... from "Harry on the Head", the as yet unpublished, in any form, continuation of the'Ringleader's Revenge' web-serial


see also: The 1st Ringleader;

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ZEROSS, Argiope


- Bright Face;
- mother Britomars died giving her birth so raised on Aegean Trigon by the Atreides, Clymene and Pelops, alongside a large number of other Etocretan Summoning Children and their older siblings
- younger sister of Angelo and Artemis Zeross;
- Summoning Child betrothed to Agenor Heliopolis in 1938;

ZEROSS, Artemis

One thing was never in dispute, though. Demonites, Harry and Oriani Zeross's paternal aunt, anarchist Angie’s somewhat younger sister, was the Silver Arrow Assassin who damn near killed him [Cerebrus David Ryne] on March 15, 1939.

... from "The War of the Apocalyptics"
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ZEROSS, Demonites

- the 3rd Olympian;
- conceived by his then unmarried parents, Angelo and Megaera, as a way for Meg to avoid the attentions of her uncle Etzel (Sangati), Count Molech, a Black King, in 1931
- married Hiliarti Schroff thereafter Zeross
- worked for AMERICA in the 1960s;
- depicted in 1990's "Forever & Forty Days -- The Genesis of phantacea" graphic novel;


Demonites was a featured character in 'Ringleader's Revenge', an unpublished web-serial set in 1964/65. As per here, Headmistress Virginia Mannering dislikes him intensely:

Dem, for example, was much more his mother’s son than Harry and Megaera’s name did mean Grudge, after all.

When he was a child and they were both at the Amsterdam Academy, she as a student and he because both his parents taught there, he had been known to toss utterly inappropriate epithets in her direction. Once called her a rutting rodent, she recalled with some amusement. The rodent part had as much to do with her relatively small size as it did her plain-ordinariness but the rutting part was pure Megaera bile.

Was not just her fellow students Ginny chased in those days.

Years later, when at the Great Man’s insistence she was ensconced for a time on Crete then Trigon, helping to whip-crack-tame more so than educate the mostly Greek war orphans there, he was a strutting cock-of-the-walk in his mid-teens. As a result he became even more unbearable. Called her his Apollina, his little mouse, and actually thought she would instruct him in pillow play as well as everything else. She was not interested and, consequently, his manner became even more abusive.

She came to dislike Dem even more than she did his mother. In fact, as her opinion of Megaera improved due to seeing the way she interacted with essentially the same group of wild children on a near-daily basis, her estimation of Dem sank correspondingly. To this day she failed to understand what Hiliarti saw in such a disrespectful, too-full-of-himself braggart. Fortunately Angelo Zeross was, and had always been, an intelligent, dear-hearted man.

He so counterbalanced her misgivings about his eldest child she often wondered how he could have fathered him. But he had, in 1931, in order to prevent Meg’s disreputable uncle Etzel Sangati, a stage magician who called himself Count Moloch, aka also from working his wiles on her. This was the same Etzel who bit off Meg’s ring finger, ring on it, in 1937 and turned his attention on Ginny herself a few months later in early 1938. If anything, to this day Dem reminded her so much of Count Molech she often wondered if he’d got to Meg before Angie did all those years ago.

... from 'Ringleader's Revenge', an unpublished web-serial set in 1964/65


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ZEROSS, Oriani

- parents: Angelo and Megaera;
- brothers: Demonites and Aristotle;
- married to Abe Ryne;
- children: the twins Megan and Pauline;

“Ants have been busy little bees, Abe.” He [Big Max Maxwell] turned to Oriani Zeross, the dark-haired beauty Abe Ryne supposedly had his eye on even if she was only eighteen and only days out of high school in Ottawa, Ontario.

“Ready to really rock yet, Hush?”

Oriani shrunk in on herself. “Not ready, just got no choice in the matter.”

... from 'Ringleader's Revenge', an unpublished web-serial set in 1964/65


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Tholoi - Guest Houses for the Gods

- Graphics overflow from the Terms Pages -


REMAINS OF THE THOLOS GHOST HOUSE IN OLYMPIA, GREECE (+ a double-clickable web-shot of an Aleutian Island shaped somewhat like a tholos or beehive ghost house)

As an aside, it added howsoever-smugly; as Sundown or Raven’s Head could also have told him, if their memories hadn't been redacted; in 1943 the Japanese fought fiercely to keep possession of Damnation Isle. And why do you suppose they did that? Funnily enough, geography provided an indicator as to the answer.[REMAINS OF THE THOLOS GHOST HOUSE IN OLYMPIA, GREECE, TAKEN FROM THE WEB]

Tholoi were circular, beehive-shaped structures found all over the ancient Whole Earth and well into the modern era. Even today, their equivalents could be found in places like church steeples, bandstands and suchlike. Often called Ghost Houses beyond the Dome, underneath it they were better known as Guest Houses for the Gods, devils that they were.An Aleutian Island, shot taken from Web

And, hint, hint, D-Isle was shaped like just that, a tholos, wasn’t it. The Japanese must have realized a way to traverse the Dome lay somewhere on it: probably around its highest point, the stopped-up crater of an extinct volcano like so many, perhaps all, of the Aleutian Islands. Had he not been so frazzled from more than a decade of breathing out there’s insipid air, he might have too, the moment he saw it.

... from "The War of the Apocalyptics"
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DIAGRAM OF A TYPICAL THOLOS GUEST HOUSE (+ some double-clickable webshots of a couple of tholos-like domes taken in Hiroshima Japan immediately after the A-Bombing of August 1945)

A church in Hiroshima as it looked after the A-Bombing of 1945.

A church in Hiroshima after the A-Bombing

In the phantacea Mythos, the Untouchable Diver was the first foreigner to enter Hiroshima after the bombing.

He spotted a pair of apparent supranormals later codenamed Old Man Power and Crimson Corona walking out of something very much like this.

OMP and Corona Power – named after her tiara, the Crimson Corona – slipped through one of those 'leaks' in the Dome.

The ‘Hir’ or ‘Hiro’ Gap, as the momentary crack would have been called had it lasted longer, referred to Hiroshima, a city in the island nation of Japan.


Dand Tariqartha was in the process of replicating Hiroshima, as yet another Japanese Cavern within one of the thousand or so available to him down here, when the Americans dropped the first A-Bomb used in warfare on the Outer Earth template.

The tholos in their case therefore had to be the dome of the Hiroshima cathedral on both sides of the other dome, that of Cathonia, since it too miraculously survived the blast; at least a remarkable percentage of it did. Virtually no other building in the vicinity could say the same thing, not that buildings talked as such.

That being said, said his sceptre (which probably shouldn’t be able to talk either), talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He and Corona should have chosen anywhere else in Temporis to make a royal visit – for, in a way, they were both royalty.

... from "The War of the Apocalyptics"

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial is now a World Heritage Site.

Hiroshima A-Bomb Dome, image taken from web

Also called the Genbaku or A-Bomb Dome, it was built in 1915. In 1933 it was renamed the Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall.

Highly suggestively in phantacea terms, a picture on the Wikipedia article re this site makes it even more obvious just how tholos-like its stunningly surviving dome is.

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EXTERNAL SHOT OF THE TOMB OF AGAMEMNON IN MYCENAE, GREECE (A Cyclopean, Tholos-style Ghost House spotted and shot on the Peloponnesian Peninsula in 1995 as it features in the PHANTACEA Mythos)

Mycenae, 1916

The Scythian was easily twenty years older than the Sicilian witch and a good decade the Metisse's senior. Was also much more highly skilled. Had to be wearing a Serpent Splendour, a seeming that gave her the look of a woman in her late twenties and therefore around the same age as the elder Angelic. The vampire of 1895, the one slain by the Italian-Sicilian when she was not much older than her baby sister was now, had been her first husband. Its brother was her current one.[EXTERNAL SHOT OF THE TOMB OF AGAMEMNON IN MYCENAEA, GREECE, AS TAKEN BY JIM MCPHERSON, 1995]

A wanderer of both the weird and the wonderful, she was a one-time rival of the two Sicilians' mother; was, like Leonora, a Sister Superior of the Antediluvian Sisterhood before a bout of madness Antheans diagnosed as maenadism led to her disgrace. Supposedly approaching seven years sane again, possibly as a direct result of having the girl-child with her, her abilities were undiminished; might even have been ameliorated by the experience of losing then recovering her mind.

As such she could have come from literally almost anywhere. The last time she had written to either of them it was from the Altai Mountains of Southern Siberia, from a place she called Pazyryk. Neither of the other women had heard of it before; could not find it on any map. The former Godling described it as having something to do with the Mongolian-born Temuchin, who was better known in the west as Genghis Khan.

Fifteen hundred years before the Great Khan began his decades of brutal conquest, it may have been a far-flung outpost of the Persian Empire. Long, long before that, however, it may have been the birthplace of what eventually became the Chinese race, -- after Anthea's Ark landed atop Mt Ararat and humanity's great diaspora of approaching six thousand years ago began in earnest of course.

And Ararat was Mama Rhea's matrilineal last name!

-- from the first chapter of the 2002 Revision of "The Moloch Manoeuvres"

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“No Zerosses in any phone book I checked,” Wilderwitch responded, tit-for-tat half-sarcastically. “Figured if I popped all the way to Greece, you lot would be icicles by the time I got back.”

[INTERNAL SHOT OF A THOLOS TOMB IN CRETE, AS TAKEN BY JIM MCPHERSON, 1996][EXTERNAL SHOT OF A THOLOS TOMB IN CRETE, AS TAKEN BY JIM MCPHERSON, 1996](Even though the signposts spelt it ‘Ziros’, there still was a town on the Aegean Island of Crete named after Kid Ringo’s long ago become far-flung, but historically highly influential, ancestors.)

... from "The War of the Apocalyptics"

“What would you make of these maybe manmade Tholoi if they aren’t?” Drek indicated a number of queer looking, ornately designed and lavishly decorated, circular structures in a half dozen of the sketches. More pinkish than reddish, some of them perched precariously on even bigger balls or globes possibly meant to indicate teleportive gaps or holes through Cathonia.

“Tholos just means beehive,” Melina appreciated, almost – given the seriousness of Drek’s allegations – avoiding referential ironies. “Except, if those things were built by bees then the humans screwing those raspberries there weren’t the only ones on this honeydew-ergot of yours.” Almost, but not quite!

... from 'The Thousand Days of Disbelief'

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