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Phantacea Publications in Print

- The 'Launch 1980' story cycle - 'The Thrice-Cursed Godly Glories' Fantasy Trilogy - The '1000 Days' Mini-Novels - The phantacea Graphic Novels -

The 'Launch 1980' Story Cycle

The War of the Apocalyptics

Front cover of War Pox, artwork by Ian Bateson, 2009

Published in 2009; main webpage is here; ordering lynx are here;

Nuclear Dragons

Nuclear Dragons front cover, artwork by Ian Bateson, 2013

Published in 2013; main webpage is here; ordering lynx are here;

Helios on the Moon

Front cover for Helios on the Moon, artwork by Ricardo Sandoval, 2014

Published in 2014; main webpage is here; ordering lynx are here;

The 'Launch 1980' story cycle comprises three complete, multi-character mosaic novels, "The War of the Apocalyptics", "Nuclear Dragons" and "Helios on the Moon", as well as parts of two others, "Janna Fangfingers" and "Goddess Gambit". Together they represent creator/writer Jim McPherson's long running, but now concluded, project to novelize the Phantacea comic book series.

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'The Thrice-Cursed Godly Glories' Epic Fantasy

Feeling Theocidal

Front Cover for Feel Theo, artwork by Verne Andru, 2008

Published in 2008; main webpage is here; ordering lynx are here

The 1000 Days of Disbelief

Front cover of The Thousand Days of Disbelief, collage prepared by Jim McPherson, 2010

Published as three mini-novels, 2010/11; main webpage is here; ordering lynx for individual mini-novels are here

Goddess Gambit

Front cover for Goddess Gambit by Verne Andru, 2012

Published in 2012; main webpage is here; ordering lynx are here

Circa the Year of Dome 2000, Anvil the Artificer, a then otherwise unnamed, highborn Lazaremist later called Tvasitar Smithmonger, dedicated the first three devic talismans, or power foci, that he forged out of molten Brainrock to the Trigregos Sisters.

The long lost, possibly even dead, simultaneous mothers of devakind hated their offspring for abandoning them on the far-off planetary Utopia of New Weir. Not surprisingly, their fearsome talismans could be used to kill Master Devas (devils).

For most of twenty-five hundred years, they belonged to the recurring deviant, Chrysaor Attis, time after time proven a devaslayer. On Thrygragon, Mithramas Day 4376 YD, he turned them over to his Great God of a half-father, Thrygragos Varuna Mithras, to use against his two brothers, Unmoving Byron and Little Star Lazareme, in hopes of usurping their adherents and claiming them as his own.

Hundreds of years later, these selfsame thrice-cursed Godly Glories helped turn the devil-worshippers of Sedon's Head against their seemingly immortal, if not necessarily undying gods. Now, five hundred years after the 1000 Days of Disbelief, they've been relocated.

The highest born, surviving devic goddesses want them for themselves; want to thereby become incarnations of the Trigregos Sisters on the Hidden Continent. An Outer Earthling, one who has literally fallen out of the sky after the launching of the Cosmic Express, gets to them first ...

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The '1000 Days' Mini-Novels

The Death's Head Hellion

- Sedonplay -

Front cover for The Death's Head Hellion, collage prepared by Jim McPherson, 2010

Published in 2010; main web presence is here; Character Companion starts here; ordering lynx are here;

Contagion Collectors

- Sedon Plague -

Front cover for Contagion Collectors, collage prepared by Jim McPherson, 2010

Published in 2010; main web presence is here; Character Companion starts here; ordering lynx are here;

Janna Fangfingers

- Sedon Purge -

Front cover for Janna Fangfingers, collage prepared by Jim McPherson, 2011

Published in 2011; two storylines recounted side-by-side, the titular one narrated by the Legendarian in 5980, the other indirectly leading into the 'Launch 1980' story cycle; main web presence is here; Character Companion starts here; ordering lynx are here;

In the Year of the Dome 4825, Morgan Abyss, the Melusine Master of the Utopian Weirdom of Cabalarkon, seizes control of Primeval Lilith, the ageless, seemingly unkillable Demon Queen of the Night. The eldritch earthborn is the real half-mother of the invariably mortal Sed-sons but, once she has hold of her, aka Lethal Lily, Master Morgan proceeds to trap the Moloch Sedon Himself.

In the midst of the bitter, century-long expansion of the Lathakran Empire, the Hidden Headworld's three tribes of devil-gods are forced to unite in an effort to release their All-Father. Unfortunately for them, they're initially unaware Master Morg, the Death's Head Hellion herself, has also got hold of the Trigregos Talismans, devic power foci that can actually kill devils, and Sedon's thought-father Cabalarkon, the Undying Utopian she'll happily slay if they dare attack her Weirdom.

Utopians from Weir have never given up seeking to wipe devils off not just the face of the Inner Earth, but off the planet itself. Their techno and biomages, under the direction of the Weirdom of Cabalarkon's extremely long-lived High Illuminary, Quoits Tethys, have determined there is only one sure way to do that -- namely, to infect the devils' Inner Earth worshippers with fatal plagues brought in from the Outer Earth.

Come All-Death Day there are more Dead Things Walking than Living Beings Talking. Believe it or not, that's the good news.

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phantacea Graphic Novels

Forever and Forty Days

- The Genesis of Phantacea -

Front cover of Forever and Forty Days; artwork by Ian Fry and Ian Bateson, ca 1990

Published in 1990; main webpage is here; ordering lynx are here

The Damnation Brigade

- Phantacea Revisited 1 -

Front cover of The Damnation Brigade, artwork by Ian Bateson, retouching by Chris Chuckry 2012

Published in 2013; main webpage is here; ordering lynx are here

Cataclysm Catalyst

- Phantacea Revisited 2 -

Front cover for Cataclysm Catalyst, artwork by Verne Andru, 2013

Published in 2014, main webpage is here; ordering lynx are here

Kadmon Heliopolis had one life. It ended in October 1968. The Male Entity has had many lives. In his fifth, he and his female counterpart, often known as Miracle Memory, engendered more so than created the Moloch Sedon. They believe him to be the Devil Incarnate. They've been attempting to kill him ever since. Too bad it's invariably he, Heliosophos (Helios called Sophos the Wise), who gets killed instead.

On the then still Whole Earth circa the Year 4000 BCE, one of their descendants, Xuthros Hor, the tenth patriarch of Golden Age Humanity, puts into action a thought-foolproof, albeit mass murderous, plan to succeed where the Dual Entities have always failed. He unleashes the Genesea. The Devil takes a bath.

Fifty-nine hundred and eighty years later, New Century Enterprises launches the Cosmic Express from Centauri Island. It never reaches Outer Space; not all of it anyhow. As a stunning consequence of its apparent destruction, ten extraordinary supranormals are reunited, bodies, souls and minds, after a quarter century in what they've come to consider Limbo. They name themselves the Damnation Brigade. And so it appears they are -- if perhaps not so much damned as doomed.

At least one person survives the launching of the Cosmic Express. He literally falls out of the sky -- on the Hidden Continent of Sedon's Head. An old lady saves him. Except this old lady lives in a golden pagoda, rides vultures and has a third eye. She also doesn't stay old long. He becomes her willing soldier, acquires the three Sacred Objects and goes on a rampage, against his own people, those that live.

Meanwhile, Centauri Island, the launch site of the Cosmic Express, comes under attack from Hell's Horsemen. Only it's not horses they ride. It's Atomic Firedrakes!

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PHANTACEA Gets Colourful

Images are from covers intended for PHANTACEA print publications

Autumn 2002

[Logo reads Web-Publisher's Commentary as prepared on PHOTOSHOP by Jim McPherson, 2002]

  1. Featured Story
  2. Introductory Remarks
  3. Hestia Housekeeping
  4. Today's Topic: Disconcerting Deconstruction
  5. A Quick Note on Graphics
  6. A selection of lynx to previous Web-Publisher's Commentaries
  7. Advisement on the Reconstruction Project

Celebrating a Quarter Century of PHANTACEA

Collage prepared on PHOTOSHOP celebrating 25 Years of PHANTACEA

© copyright 2002 Jim McPherson

| The PHANTACEA Mythos Online Main Menu | Online PHANTACEA Primer | Ongoing PHANTACEA Features | Ordering Information | Serial Synopses | Contact | Web Publisher's Commentary |


This website is currently being reconstructed. Dependent on the newness of your browser and the speed of your internet connection, until the kinks are worked out some of these pages may take awhile to load. Fortunately there are no kynx in the lynx. They still do what lynx do best: link from page to page and anchor to anchor.

About the only exceptions are the ones that once went to story sequences or PHANTACEA online features that are no longer on the Web, -- and, unless their lynx make a comeback, which they sometimes do, they are not supposed to go anywhere any more.

Web-Publisher's Commentary: Autumn 2002

[Featured Story logo done on Photoshop by Jim McPherson, Year 2002]

"Please, mistress," imparted the genie. "Just a few minutes inside you is all I ask."

"You're starting to sound like my abominable husband, Djinn."

"Your abominable husband's named Djinn?"

"Frogfish-forget it."

"Your obstinacy is getting us nowhere."

"Not nowhere. Deeper and deeper, farther and farther from the shipping lanes where you could just pulpa-possess anyone you plaice-pleased. Why are you still on my lobster tail? Why haven't you gone off and dugong-done just that? And don't tell me the Genesea made it impossible for devils to octopus-occupy Outer Earthlings. I know that isn't tunny-true."

-- from 'Discussing Deviants', the seventh chapter of 'Helioddity', the web serial set in 1938 that features, among many another, the almost always-fishifying Fisherwoman and the devilish Djinn, the ever-accommodating Heliodromos of Lazareme (though Fish tends to call him the devilfish Djinn)

Introductory Remarks

Greetings. Welcome, or welcome back.

On this webpage, which is currently undergoing reconstruction, as are many others in this website, there are any number of day-glow lynx that will take you all over PHANTACEA on the Web.

Chances are, however, that even with the navigational lynx at the bottom of every fine, up-staying page, and after the page-top banner on the newest pages, you will quickly get lost and forget where you were.

Because of that, my best advice is to read this season's pHpubs: Web-Publisher's Commentary down to the bottom then hit the Top of the Page text link, come back up and start clicking away to your heart's content.

Want to buy into the PHANTACEA Mythos? Go straight to the downloadable order form and do just that.

Want to browse? Best places to start are:
  • Right here, on my flagship page, which I often refer to as 'pHpubs';
  • The 'primer page', formerly the 'pH-Webworld' home page, where you can always find lynx to PHANTACEA Features and Photo Essays, new, old, and recently added onto;
  • The overall synopsis page, where you can access all the story synopses I have ever web-published; or
  • From the main menu, which consists of lynx to almost every webpage still out here in Cyberia. (Once you reach it, the menu page is also available in a framed version, which many readers find convenient because it opens an area beside the menu list that stays put, even when you click on a link and go elsewhere.)

Lynx to these four primary pages, as well as ordering information, are provided near the top of all the newer pages while, with the exception of the chapter-by-chapter novel serializations, which I only leave up for a three-month seasonal period, day-glow links to the index, home and menu pages are provided at the bottom of every webpage that is still out here.

I appreciate your interest in PHANTACEA on the Web and welcome any 'pH-Webworld' commentaries you might have. Let me know what you like, do not like and/or would like to see in future installments.

Jim McPherson
Writer, Web Designer and Publisher

pHpubs Contents

  1. Introductory Remarks
  2. Hestia Housekeeping
  3. Today's Topic
  4. A Quick Note on Graphics

Hestia Housekeeping

Whether you are a first time visitor to PHANTACEA on the Web, or someone who bookmarks 'pHpubs' such that you can come back here whenever you want (in my humble) entertaining online reading or viewing, you might be curious as to why I call this section of 'pH-Webworld' Hestia Housekeeping. Although I provided a full explanation of that a few seasons ago, here it is again ==>.

Neat trick, eh? Well, to my mind unfortunately, it is and it isn't. Seems to work on newer browsers but not on Versions 4 of Netscape in particular. Other thing about it is, while Microsoft Internet Explorer opens a window on the page, Netscape 7 opens another page. Last thing to say about it is you have to remember to close the page you went to before you can return to the page from whence you just came.

As touched upon in today's topic, the difference between browsers is just one of the infuriations I keep headstrong, rampaging bull, ramming into during the deconstruction, reconstruction process. Before we get to today's topic, though, I should provide a link to last season's pHpubs ==>.

Now that that's out of the way, next up is what's new this time up. A fay-fairy-fair bit actually. Main thing to report should be evident to folks who have been here before. A quarter century after pH-1 was published and 6 years after I began pH-Webworld

PHANTACEA got colour!

It has also got minutely lively in that I conceit-concocted a couple of animated GIFs to enliven this time up's proceedings. (Animated GIFs are graphics rendered comparatively mobile via the Graphic Interchange Format, which would account for the G.I.F. abbreviation. I prepared them using Adobe ImageReady, which came packaged with Adobe PHOTOSHOP 6 and, again in my humble, costs way too much money.)

Before I provide you with lynx to the two animated GIFs I should alert you that, since the entire website is being redone, many of its webpages may take awhile longer to load than usual. This is singularly true of the two pages with animated GIFs, doubly true if you have a dial-up modem, like I do, and trebly true if it is only 28.8bps (whatever that means).

Consider yourself forewarned!

The first GIF is on the revised Home Page, which now has the cliff faces I shot on Saturna Island a decade or so ago in the background instead of at the top of the page ==>. The other one's no longer on the PHANTACEA Features webpage, it's here ==>.

There are some mouse-over effects, notably at the top of the aforementioned, former pH-Webworld Home Page, what I am now referring to as the PHANTACEA 'primer page'. Other effect on that page is making text visible and invisible, again with a mouse-over.

Another mouse-over effect is the somewhat annoyingly jolting one I am using on a few of the newer pages to change the size and colour of the naming anchors and linking text. As the saying goes, I am enamoured with it right now but that does not necessarily mean we are getting married.

Should also mention at this point, as a housekeeping item, that I prepared another PHANTACEA Mythos Photo Essay specifically for this 25th Anniversary installment of on the Web. Entitled 'Sedon's Head: Inspiration or Destination?', it provides an overview of my in excess of thirty years involvement with PHANTACEA projects. Thus, in that respect anyhow, you might consider it a 'primer page' in its own write ==>.

Essay concludes with a reprise of a strangely synchronous discovery I made mention of a few years ago in one of the early installments of Serendipity and PHANTACEA ==>. Since then, in the Year 2000, I travelled to Egypt and saw it for myself. (It not being either the Sphinx or the Pyramids; it being, rather, the parking lot on the Giza Plateau next to them; not to mention the doorway between the Sphinx's forepaws.)

The Photo Essay links to the first installment of 'Places Peculiar to PHANTACEA', something I've been meaning to start working on ever since I began publishing PHANTACEA on the Web back in 1996. Perhaps of particular interest to readers of the two web-serials I have been running out here since 2001 is the entry on Apple Isle ==>.

The two ongoing web-serials are The Damnation Brigade: 'Year One - After Limbo' and 'Helioddity'. As of the late Fall of 2002 we are up to the ninth chapters of each.

In the former, D-Brig are currently entertaining thoughts of journeying there, Sedon's Human Eye Land, rather than wearing out their welcome in the perceptually dangerously inhospitable Weirdom of Cabalaron, the Moloch's Devic Eye Land. In the latter, significant action sequences have already occurred on Ap Isle and will again. Rather, they do in 'ODD-8'.

As always, -- good reading!

'Year One - After Limbo'



Today's Topic
Disconcerting Deconstruction


Ordinarily I would use this space to talk about something serendipitious that I may have came across either recently or sometime ago; something that I could have been meaning to web-publish previously only never got around to doing so until I finally did it. Alternatively I might dip into my photographs and scan in a few character likenesses for future reference or concoct a 'Peculiar Perspectives' just for fun. Once, in a blue moon, or even longer, I might do a travelogue, another installment of what I've come to call 'Travels in My Pants'. Truth is I had one of these last written and ready to go this time up. (There is a rather strong hint about where part of it will be set in this section's background image, if you can see it.) However, upon mature reflection and due deliberation, I've decided to devote 'Today's Topic' to a rant.

Let me begin where a great many rants I've heard recently begin: With Bill Gates and Microsoft! What happened was this. I had a form of mid-life cranial cramp-cum-crisis and chose to be bought out such that I no longer had a day job. As noted in the PHANTACEA Mythos Photo Essay referred to above ('Sedon's Head: Inspiration or Destination?'), giving up your day job is not something a would-be writer should ever do; at least not until he becomes a real writer. That is to say someone who is paid for writing stuff he or she wants to write. Which, even if my job did entail a large amount of investigative research and concomitant writing, is not what I was doing.

Part of the plan was to use some of my payout to purchase a new computer. Which I did. Only trouble was the beast I bought was a Bill Gates' cloned special, a Pentium-equivalent something or other that ran Windows XP. I then had the hard drive copied over from my previous machine, which was a 486 something or other that used Windows 95 as its operating system. And what does the Gates-genius beast do? It rewrites all my files such that they are Upper Case CAPITALIZED! And it can't be reversed; at least not in any way the person who sold me my computer knows and of course Microsoft won't respond to my online queries because it signed a deal with the dealer such that it's the dealer's responsibility, not Bill's, to sort everything out.

Meaning for me, since HTML code is supposed to be written in lower case, all my webpage and graphic file names suddenly have to be re-entered in lower case. And guess who has to do the hand-coding? It isn't Bill, it isn't the dealer and it certainly isn't Bill's Beast, the computer itself.

Resilient sort that I am, I have this burst of brainstorm brilliance. Since all the file names on my web-server are in lower case, all I have to do is download everything from the server into my hard drive. Whole thing will be overwritten in lower case, right? Nope. Bill's Beast likes its Upper Case. Who does he think he is, -- GOD? (Don't answer that. Even my fancy new computer does not respond well to bolts of lightning.)

Still, I suppose it's no big deal. My home computer is much more 'forgiving' than my web-server. It recognizes files as identical, whether or not they have Upper or lower case file names. I just have to make sure I don't alter any of the coding on any of my existent, now Upper Case HTML files when I revise them such that, when I upload said revised versions to the web-server, the web-browsers, including Bill's damn near ubiquitous Internet Explorer, get confused and either display zilch or threaten to shut down my computer for encountering some sort of unspecified violation that apparently amounts to nothing less than computer capital punishment. (I am referring to the dreaded 'fatal error' notice that all of us have received from time to time.)

As an aside, the State does not sanction capital punishment in Canada; nor does it in any other civilized nation I know about for the rather elementary reason that, by definition, civilized nations do not sanction capital punishment. That does not mean prisoners do not die in prison in Canada of course. However, I am suddenly shuddering as I speculate as to how many are killed by folks in frustration tossing their Windows computer out of non-barred windows on top of those who, consequently, are executed while walking in endless circles in the asphalt 'exercise-pit' down below.

So, having determined I can continue upgrading PHANTACEA on the Web despite the intransigence of Bill's Beast, I sign up for some courses leading to what's called a "Web-Publisher's Certificate" at one of Vancouver's local colleges. Almost the day I start I am reliably informed that the HTML coding system I have been using since 1996 is obsolete; worse still, it is 'deprecated'; and, worst yet, HTML is about to be replaced by a new coding system called XML. In other words, my on the Web efforts are about to become indecipherable after merely 6 years. Such is the growth of the Internet, I'm instructed. Such is why I should sign up for even more courses, I suppose.

Undeterred, I do just that. There is this web-writing software program called 'Macromedia Dreamweaver MX'. It is going to save all us web-publishing, web-designing, free spirits from embarassing ourselves even further with indecipherable websites. It is not by Microsoft. Is not by AOL, nor even AOL-Canada, from whence has deteriorated Netscape. It will eliminate any need for hand-coding HTML. Does a pretty good job of it too, I must say. Except, when I want an image like the one immediately below, and that image has been saved in UPPER CASE, it is recorded in just that. And if I use it again, this time being politically correct and coding it in lower case, it doesn't read the damn thing!

End rant. If only for the time being!

Top of Page

4. Graphics: Footnotes and off-page links

Other than this one, which I prepared on Adobe PHOTOSHOP, and the page background, which is much the same thing, there are no more new graphics for the Autumn of 2002 installment of PHANTACEA on the Web. (By the way, the fellow on the beast earned the nickname 'Donkey Jim' while in Egypt in the Year of the Dome 6000. I will get to his-story next time up.)
[PHANTACEA.COM Collage prepared on PHOTOSHOP by Jim McPherson, Year 2002]
Top of Page

Lynx to some other Web-Publisher's Commentaries

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Advisement on the Reconstruction Project

To celebrate 25 years of Anheroic Fantasy Illustrated PHANTACEA 'Gets a Life'. That is to say PHANTACEA on the Web is going dynamic. Got to crawl before you can walk, however, so it will be awhile before the website is up and running, as it were. Fact is I will probably be celebrating 26 years before it does. (And the first published comic book entitled PHANTACEA, the one drawn in its entirety by Dave Sim, of "Cerebus the Aardvark" fame, did not come out until the Fall of 1977.)

Animated Gif of a road barrier Animated Gif of a man with a paintbrush

Theoretically, there will be an ever so fancy 'PHANTACEA Intro' on this page done with Macromedia Flash MX that will lead into the home page containing the whole website's table of contents, but that's for the (nonetheless hopefully near) future. In the meantime I am going to leave the Featured Story section right here, on the entry page.

As for PHANTACEA on the Web itself, other than adding some colour here and there I've left the majority of the website pretty much as it was for a rather basic reason. With the exception of the occasional PHANTACEA Feature and PHANTACEA Mythos Photo Essays it's all about publishing my stories and musings. One does not go to my website for dynamic effects. One goes there for reading. And, if I am doing my job right, in said reading you'll get some truly enjoyable entertainment!

I appreciate your interest in PHANTACEA on the Web.

Jim McPherson
Writer, Web Designer and Publisher

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